Sprout Mix Zesty 1 lb by Now Foods

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Grown in the USA
Clover, Fenugreek and Radish Seeds
Easy to Grow Indoors Mix
New Look, Same Great Taste!
NOW Real Food® Zesty Sprout Mix is a unique and flavorful blend of popular sprouting seeds that we've combined for their pleasant, zesty taste. This unique combination of seeds is one that we've found to be especially delicious and nutritious.
For proper instructions on how to clean and handle sprouts.
Ingredients: (61%) CRIMSON CLOVER SEEDS [80% Germination, 5% Hard Seed] [99.51% Pure Seed, 0.43% Inert Matter, 0.01% Other Crop, 0.05% Weed Seeds], (31%) FENUGREEK SEEDS [90% Germination, 1% Hard Seed] [99.50% Pure Seed, 0.50% Inert Matter], (8%) RADISH SEEDS [80% Germination, 0% Hard Seed] [98.00% Pure Seed, 2.00% Inert Matter].
For over 50 years, NOW Real Food® has been committed to providing the highest quality foods using only the finest ingredients. We're independent, family owned, and proud of it. NOW that's keeping it real.
Packaged in a peanut-free facility that processes tree nuts.
Product of the USA.