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Dr. Mercola Healthy Pets Seasonal Allergy Support Powder for Dogs & Cats Description


  • For Dogs & Cats
  • Helps Support Pets with Seasonal Allergies
  • GMO Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Soy Free



Unlike the typical respiratory symptoms that plague humans with seasonal allergies, your pet experiences allergies as skin irritation, itchiness and inflammation. She may lose hair, develop rashes, hives, open sores, or “hot spots,” or inflamed ears and feel downright miserable.


If your pet’s symptoms change with the seasons, it’s likely he’s experiencing seasonal allergies caused by things like grass and weed pollens, trees, mold spores and insects.


Seasonal Support for Cats & Dogs is a carefully selected protocol of herbs and vitamins that supports your pet’s optimal immune function by promoting a healthy inflammatory response and normal histamine levels. This unique formula contains eight active ingredients that address the root cause of your pet’s discomfort:

  • Quercetin – Helps soothe skin related issues associated with seasonal allergies by promoting normal histamine levels
  • Bromelain – Increases the absorption of quercetin, supporting normal prostaglandin release
  • Vitamin C – Supports a normal inflammatory response
  • Bee Pollen – Widely used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Practice, bee pollen may help desensitize your pet to environmental allergens
  • Plant Sterols – Produced by plants, these molecules may support a normal inflammatory response and offer a balancing effect on immune function
  • Butterbur Extract – Promotes a healthy normal inflammatory response to allergens
  • Organic Stinging Nettle Leaf – Helps maintain normal levels of histamine and other inflammatory chemicals
  • Cat’s Claw – An herb from the highlands of the Peruvian Amazon that also promotes a normal immune response to allergies

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