Respiratory Care Probiotic 60 Vcaps by Now Foods

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With Clinically Tested NCFM® & BI-04
Ideal for Children and Active Adults
NOW® Respiratory Care Probiotic is a probiotic combination featuring L. acidophilus NCFM®, which has been used in over 60 scientific studies. When used alone or in combination with B. lactis Bl-04, NCFM® has been shown to support a robust, but balanced, immune response to seasonal respiratory challenges, as well as to support an active lifestyle.* NCFM® can rapidly populate the intestine and adhere to the intestinal wall, which is helpful for use during and after temporary disruptions to intestinal microbiota.*
The probiotic strains in this product have been identity-verified using DNA-fingerprinting technology.
NCFM® is a registered trademark of the North Carolina Agricultural Foundation, Inc. and is used under license.