Honey Roasted Pecans 8 oz by Now Foods

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Deliciously Sweet, Crunchy Pecans Enrobed in Caramelized Honey
New Look, Same Great Taste!
Unbeknownst to most people there's a field hidden away where giant honey bees live harmoniously within a secret grove of luscious pecan trees. Over the years their delicious honey has seeped into the century-old trees, and today these majestic trees yield the world's tastiest honey-infused pecans.
Ok, we may be embellishing a bit, but NOW Real Food® Honey-Roasted Pecans truly are one of nature's tastiest sensations. There's nothing quite like the sweet and caramelized flavor you get with this magnificent merger, kind of like Grandma's best pecan pie. Our honey-roasted pecans make a great addition to ice cream, yogurt, smoothies, salads, and other delectable delights. No artificial additives or preservatives, just the delicious taste of caramelized honey and pecans in perfect harmony.